On Memory

"It’s hardly wisdom, but the older I get the more I believe that our lives are built not out of time but light. The problem is that the images that so often return to me are seldom those I want."

Colum McCann, Transatlantic

Everything came from a power which we do not know but have command of the whole.

For Fredrick we can know the truth, not by science, which give only an analytical and limited knowledge, but loving nature.

Our soul is able to overcome rational limits and reach some kind of total knowledge. Loving nature endless beauty is the way to reach the truth.

Count Giuseppe Panza de Biumo for MOCA catalogue (James Turrell)
December, 2013
to have and to hold, beeswax, paper, graphite, 15 x 8 x 3 inches (approx.), 2013
miaoli (for my father), gouache on paper, 7 x 11 inches, 2013
GET AWAY FROM ME; gouache on masonite, 4 x 6 inches.